Kickstarter Project: Majestic Bicycle Playing Card Project Reaches Goal

In less than half a month (May 20th to be exact), the Majestic Bicycle Playing Card Kickstarter project by Elite Playing Cards will be funded the full pledge amount in order to bring their deck to life. If you would like a deck pledge now before time is up or you will miss your chance on this one time printing of the deck. This deck does not look like it will be offered anywhere else (Unless you snag a deck on ebay or amazon if a pledger decides to put one up).

According to the Kickstarter page for those of you that are unaware of the project,

Bicycle® Majestic pays tribute to Bicycle’s 128 years of heritage.  A special collaboration between The United States Playing Card company and Elite Playing Cards celebrates the history of a unique brand.

This exquisite limited edition reserve of playing cards has been designed in intricate detail, exclusively for the most discerning collectors.

To guarantee its excellence, the box is made of an exclusive  Premium Black Vellum paper and Gold Foil. Each and every card is wrapped in our signature ultra-slim performance coating and adorned with an assemblage of deep gold metallic inks.

Bicycle® Majestic is a contemporary deck of playing cards that does not forgets it’s own classical roots. The luxury of only the best.

Below is the mock-up for the deck’s tuck case and Ace of Spades courtesy of

Majestic Bicycle Tuck Case

Notes about the Majestic Bicycle deck:

  • Made by the Untied States Playing Card Company.
  • Collaboration between Elite Playing Cards and USPCC.
  • Deck ships July or sooner.
  • 2 Gaff Cards with multiple uses will come with the deck.
  • Plenty of add ons such as uncut sheets, dice, collector’s edition box, card cases, t-shirts, commemorative coin etc…
  • Elite Playing Cards brought the Divine and Ritual Playing Card Decks to life.

I am a backer for this project.


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